May-Port CG
Basketball Boys JV Schedule    (as of 04-23-19)
Type  Time  Opponent  Location  Comments
Saturday, Dec 8, 2018
Game  6:00PM  Away vs. Central Cass  Central Cass High School         
Tuesday, Dec 11, 2018
Game  6:00PM  Northern Cass  May-Port-CG High School         
Thursday, Dec 13, 2018
Game  6:00PM  Park River  May-Port-CG High School         
Monday, Dec 17, 2018
Game  6:00PM  Away vs. Kittson County Central  Lancaster High School         
Tuesday, Dec 18, 2018
Game  6:00PM  Away vs. Finley-Sharon/Hope-Page  Finley-Sharon/Hope-Page School         
Game will be played in Page
Thursday, Dec 20, 2018
Game  4:30PM  Hillsboro-Central Valley  Peter Boe Jr. Elementary School         
Saturday, Jan 5, 2019
Game  1:00PM  Away vs. Cavalier  Cavalier High School         
Tuesday, Jan 8, 2019
Game  6:00PM  Hatton-Northwood  May-Port-CG High School         
Thursday, Jan 17, 2019
Game  6:00PM  Away vs. Drayton-Valley Edinburg  Drayton School         
Saturday, Jan 19, 2019
Game  2:30PM  Away vs. Hatton-Northwood  Hatton-Northwood High School         
Thursday, Jan 24, 2019
Game  6:00PM  Grafton  May-Port-CG High School         
Saturday, Jan 26, 2019
Tournament  TBD  Away vs. Northwood  Northwood High School         
Tuesday, Jan 29, 2019
Game  6:00PM  Larimore  May-Port-CG High School         
 (Rescheduled to 02-18-19)
Friday, Feb 1, 2019
Game  6:00PM  Away vs. Kindred  Kindred High School         
Tuesday, Feb 5, 2019
Game  6:00PM  Away vs. North Border  North Border High School         
Friday, Feb 8, 2019
Game  4:30PM  Thompson  Peter Boe Jr. Elementary School         
 (Time & Location Changed)
Monday, Feb 11, 2019
Game  4:30PM  Away vs. Hillsboro-Central Valley  Hillsboro High School         
Thursday, Feb 14, 2019
Game  6:00PM  Griggs County Central  May-Port-CG High School         
Saturday, Feb 16, 2019
Game  2:00PM  Dakota Prairie  May-Port-CG High School         
Monday, Feb 18, 2019
Game  3:30PM  Larimore  May-Port-CG High School         
 (Rescheduled from 01-29-19)
Friday, Feb 22, 2019
Game  6:00PM  Away vs. Midway  Midway High School